3X Wild Cherry Slots

Fruity Fun is definitely on the agenda when playing the 3x Wild Cherry Slots game. This game is a simple slots that has just one payline across three reels but there are some very interesting and exciting parts of the game to look out for that give the player his high payouts. Players are able to place one, two or three coins per spin and choose different coin sizes depending on their personal budget.

High Payouts and a Progressive Jackpot

The highest payout in the main game apart from the jackpot is earned when landing three of the triplex symbols on the payline. With a single coin bet the player wins 500 coins, with a two coin bet, the player wins 1000 coins and with a three coin bet the player wins 1500 coins. The triple x symbol is also a wild and this can substitute for any of the other symbols on the screen apart from the jackpot symbol. One triple x symbol triples the winnings for that line, two of these symbols multiplies the winnings 9x. There is a progressive jackpot that grows in value with every real money bet placed and this can be won if and when the player lands three of the jackpot symbols on the payline whether he has placed a single coin bet, a two coin bet or a three coin bet. This game is filled with opportunity and fun and is a delight to play.