Agent Cash Slots

For the Bond lovers out there in need of money, Agent Cash Slots is the low budget game you didn't know you wanted or needed, but need to get on right now. Money is at stake, and it's your job, should you choose to accept it, to win it all!

Premise of this Fine Slot

The premise of the slot game wants so badly to be the famous spy story but they clearly lacked the copyright and money to make that happen. It is over the top in nature like the animated feature Archer, but not quite as well made. It is not at all horrid, but that is the general motif they ended up going in, throwing usual genre trappings into the mix with a tongue in cheek rendition that only looks to be intended to come out in this way.

Presentation in this Fine Slot

The graphics in this fine slot are funny to see, intentionally or not on their part. Everything is crisp, spy like, colorful, and compelling to spin. The faces are somewhat odd looking and out of place, and there is enough undue saturation to give some folks a big migraine. This quirky style makes things more fun, however, despite how it may seem when we say that.

There's an poorly done look to it that makes it feel fun and charming, and it has all the usual slot game mainstays you've come to expect in a game like this.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Fine Slot

Gameplay here is mostly well done. It's only 5 reels and 30 pay lines, which is the usual fare, but it's got James Bond, so we'll give it a break.

Betting here goes from a single penny to a $10 bill. Maximum bets max out at $300, just as a spy would have it.

The Vertical Wild is the bonus mode here, which we adore despite not understanding the name.


+ Theme is well chosen + Bond slot! + Pays very well + Plays very well


- Time Sink - Standard play style

Conclusion - Does Agent Cash Slots Work?

This game is low money and Bond like, making it one of those casino slots that's easy to pick up, fun for short or lengthy play sessions, and sucks you in the more you go with it.