Alien Invasion Slots

No one would like to live to see an alien invasion, and rest assured there shouldn’t be a real one happening today. We hope not, anyway. We do have a slot from WGS that highlights the scenario though, and they’ve given it the appropriate title of Alien Invasion. So, will it be a welcome invasion or one you would hope never happens?

Reels and lines

If you were expecting a big game, think again – this slot has three reels and just the one line to place some bets on.

Bet amounts and possibilities

With one line available, you can choose a coin between the values of a cent and $10. You can also choose to play one, two, or three coins on the line per spin if you like.

Does Alien Invasion include special icons?

Watch out for a ray gun to appear. We guess it belongs to the aliens, but it appears on the reels as a wild symbol. It also replaces everything with no exceptions, which is unusual but very nice to see. The size of the slot means there is no scatter symbol to watch for.

If you spot an alien face on the payline, you are guaranteed to win a prize. The more you get, the more you win, but it is good to know just one is a nice result for you.

Will you find any bonuses here?

As a three-reel slot, it would be unusual to spot some bonus features. You probably won’t be too worried that none are included then. Just be sure you watch out for that alien face, and the wild ray gun, of course.

Download and start playing the Alien Invasion slot game now

This is a great little game for a three-reel slot. You often see little else other than fruit in these games, so it is refreshing to see something different here. If you are keen on finding out more, download the Alien Invasion slot to give it a try. It is a good way to pass the time or to play a basic game with a different theme.

The aliens have already landed, judging by the look of the reels here. However, if you manage to find more aliens, you could end up winning some appealing prizes. Wouldn’t that be nice to do? We wonder how lucky those aliens might be…