Amazing 7's Slots

Amazing 7's Slots

This is a low key classic game set on the Vegas strip that is amazing to spin as well as to win at. It does not have that high of an art budget, and the reels are somewhat standard, but there's a lot of charm to it that will rub off on almost anyone at all. We had a decent time with it and feel anyone will have a wonderful winning streak if they are willing to give it a chance. It's amazing in some ways, not others, but for the most part is a massive hit with us and anyone that tries it. Feel free to join us in the fun and give it a solid and amazing spin! We had an amazing time here, and that's about the last time we'll make a pun on the title in this review, we promise!

Premise of This Amazing Game

The premise of this slot is old time Vegas. Your goal is to match the lucky number 7's, just like in the better times when the days were simpler and everybody was a super star. We're a big fan of these old timey games, so this one hits a good pace with people us.

Presentation in This Amazing Game

Graphics in this one are very decent. Everything here looks crisp, clean, colorfully thought out, and compelling to spin around. The symbols look HD, solid, and are all well done, and the background isn't great but doesn't manage to get in the way of winning with each spin.

The UI looks like utter garbage, which they'd have been better off not featuring.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Amazing Game

Gameplay in this one is classic. It's only 5 reels and 25 pay lines, just like everything you'd find around here for the most part.

Betting here amazingly trends from a penny to $5 a coin. Max bets cap off at around $375, which is amazingly huge.

Liked About This Amazing Game

+ Classic + Graphics + Pacing + Payouts

Disliked About This Amazing Game

- Simple - Addicting - Gameplay

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on This Amazing Game

This is easy on the peepers and looks like a lot of love is present in the art. We recommend it to anyone that likes classic Vegas slots games and has their lucky number firmly placed at numeral seven!