Arctic Queen Slots

Arctic Queen Slots
A cold princess is out there with lots and lots of money waiting to be had, if only you’ll give this game a spin. Will you venture forth and claim your prizes? Or leave her out in the cold? She does seem to like it out there, so maybe she’ll be fine either way. Still, we’d prefer the money, and think you will too!

Premise of this Game

The premise of Arctic Queen slots game is a famous Disney movie that we’ll leave unnamed, and there’s no arguing around it. A lower budget due to Pixar’s giant coffers, but it’s based on their famous film none the less. The film hit on a winning motif to make money and the devs here are tapping it for all our slot going pleasure.

Presentation in the Game

All of the chief graphics in this game are well made and show a lot of effort. Everything is clean, colorful, and clean to the eyes. They probably used a bit of tracing to recreate the hand made look instead of making them themselves, but it came out well enough and we have not one issue here. As long as something is pleasant to look at, we don’t care if dogs made it into existence. Be a selling point if that wear what came to make the game!

The main downside in the slot are the suits of poorly done card graphics, which are copied and pasted in from other games on the market. Still, they work in minor ways, so we’ll give it a decent pass.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Game

The gameplay in this slot is far more classic than anything else about it. It’s only at 5 reels and 25 pay lines, much like all the other games you’ll see around this side of the net.

Betting here goes all over from a penny to $10. Maximum bets are up to the grand total of $250, which is way more than you’d go in thinking you’d get!

The bonus arena froze solid and was broken down into a fun Free Spins thing, which we wouldn’t change at all.

Liked About this Game

+ Source Material + Graphics + Pays well + Fast

Disliked About this Game

- Rehash - Low budget - Addicting - Gameplay

Conclusion - Should You Play This Game?

This casino slot is a good time based on a nice things with half the art values and twice the care. We recommend it, especially if you enjoyed the source material!