Atomic Jackpot Slots

We don’t know about you, but an Atomic Jackpot sounds like it should be worth far more than a regular jackpot. WGS is behind the development of this game, and it is a nice one to spot in their collection. It’s smaller than many others, but it is certainly well-designed and has some neat elements involved in it.

Reels and paylines

We said this was a smaller game and we meant it, with just three reels to start spinning when you’re ready. You also get a single line to place your bets on here.

Choose from these coins

If you were expecting the usual one-cent minimum seen in other WGS games, you’re in for a surprise. You get a 10-cent minimum here instead. The maximum coin size is the same as usual though, at $10. Rather than playing up to three coins each spin, you can max that out at five coins a spin.

Does Atomic Jackpot include special icons?

The first thing you should know about this slot is the huge number of icons that could spin into place on the reels. That doesn’t sound unusual, but what if we told you just one of those icons would be able to win you prizes?

The only symbol worth anything in this game is the flask containing some balls. We guess that is related to the atomic theme, but we’re unsure. We were never any good at science! You will need to find those flasks if you want to win anything. Getting another symbol – even three times – across the line doesn’t get you anywhere.

Given what we have already told you about this game, we are probably not going to surprise you with the news there are no wilds, scatters, or other special symbols involved here. It is all about that flask.

Will you discover a bonus or two?

No, is the short answer to that!

Download and start playing the Atomic Jackpot slot today

So, is this the kind of game you were expecting? It is certainly very different to your usual selection of three-reel slots, so if you like those and you want to try something else, this could be a nice one to play. It does look good, but it can be frustrating to see three matching symbols appear… and no prize forthcoming for it. Will you enjoy the Atomic Jackpot slot? Try it and find out if you do.