Big Time Slots

If you love Grand Theft Auto, and want to avoid a life of crime, win some money right now in this decent rendition of that theme!


The premise of the Big Time slot game is basically Grand Theft Auto. The game does not try very hard to hide this. Imagine something from there, and in low budget style, it is now here. Cuffs, cars, babes, and merchandise are all available, though we are surprised that a boombox was featured alongside a new aged cellphone. Why not have an abacus pictured next to an iPhone?


Graphics here are low budget Grand Theft Auto. They look a little strange, but still have a decent feel to them. They colorsheme looks like something out of a Bad Boys movie, the UI is complete trash, and the charisma that comes from combining the two is more endearing than you would expect. The choice of objects to match is also a touch weird, as touched on above.


Gameplay here is about as rudamentary as it gets. At around 5 reels and 25 pay lines, nothing here stands out all that much. You much cars and cell phones and handcuffs and related cultural things from the past. The saving grace in the game are the large jackpots and seemingly high winnings, which are a welcome bonus. Bets go from a penny to $5, also making this on the easy end of the slot world.

Do not go in expecting novelty or bonus modes that will wow you, but it is a good time just the same that manages to hold your attention and becomes very addictive.


+ Grand Theft Auto ish style + Good winnings


- UI is utter crap - Redone version of other games - Standard play style


This game is the Grand Theft Auto casino romp you always wanted, minus the big budget and a lot of that charisma. With high winnings and a quirky sense of art style, this game stands out despite essentially being a reskin of other low budget slots. Pay outs seem to come often and quickly, and it keeps things interesting enough to get you playing. We enjoyed our time with the game, but we are also fans of GTA. If that resonates with you, and you find yourself wondering what this slot is like, give it a go right now. You will only be richer for the effort, and may score enough of that loot to negate the need to go around stealing cars and stereos.

Really, why are there those boomboxes in the game?