Blue Lagoon Slots

If you like money and fish, and would rather see them swim than eat them, Blue Lagoon does a number for you! It is simple, classic, and pays out fairly often from what we experienced during our time here. There’s little we would change, and a lot to like about it. They did a decent job all around, and we commend them for that reason. It’s not going to blow you away with novelty, but the cuteness and charm go a long way here to make this game feel unique and fun.

For anyone looking for a good way to spend the season, you can do worse than to invest here and build up some money to see you on your way into retirement!

Premise of The Slot

The premise of the game is undersea creates in their cutest incarnations. In real life, star fish are actually pretty scary, and clams really suck. Most fish aren’t even that cute. In this game, however, everything is done in a charming, playful style that renders it all friendly and joyful, going a long way to making this slot feel refreshing.

Presentation in The Slot

Graphics here are decent. Everything is crisp, clean, colorful, and cute to look at. Our main issue is with how the top section is well filled with all manner of nice detail, and the bottom feels like they forgot to give it that same care we see when we look marginally upward.

Gameplay Mechanics in The Slot

Gameplay here is standard. At around 3 reels and only 3 pay lines, there’s not much here you wouldn’t expect. Betting here goes from ten pennies to around $10, all the way up to $50, which is very low.

Liked About The Slot

+ Cute + Fast Pace + Classic + Payouts

Disliked About The Slot

- Gameplay - Addicting

Conclusion - Should You Play It?

This is a modest slot that succeeds in everything it sets out to do and some more on top of that. There’s nothing wrong with it and we find little to criticize. Our biggest gripe is that they did little to make more of the cute graphics on the rest of the slot. That’s a minor gripe as you can see, making for a pretty great time overall.

If you’ve tried all the other games around, you owe it to yourself to give this one a go!