Bluebeard's Bounty Slots

If you love pirates and want to set sail, Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots may not be for you. It features them, but isn’t about them. If you like old school Victorian style boats, however, this game is right up your alley, and will make for a wonderful time for anyone that’s at all interested in giving it a go!


The premise of this one basically just that pirates love boats. There’s pirate stuff, but not a great deal of it. Mostly just some boats. Maybe the pirates are going to steal these fine vessels? We’d be all for that and think it’d be a better theme, but we still appreciate their decisions to keep things tame and to the point here.


Graphics in this one are very charming. The reel tiles themselves are a little under done for our tastes, but do have a wonderful old school look that is admittedly kind of endearing. It’s not impressive in a production art way like a film, but it looks pretty damn good, all things taken together.


Gameplay in this one is quick despite the name of the ship itself. With only the standard old style 3 reels and 1 pay line, we feel almost out of sorts saying it is a lot of fun to play. Bets go from a low of 10 cents to $10 at most, and 3 coins at maximum puts the largest bet you can make at around the $30 mark if you’re daring enough to do so!

The minimalistic stylizing of the game is the focus. It is fast paced for that theme, and easy to jump into without feeling overwhelmed with options. It’s a nice change of pace for more complex casino games, we’ll give it that. We found ourselves playing for longer than we would normally do, and it works quite well for what they set out to do.

Liked About This One

+ Motif + Pirate king + Pacing + Won lots

Disliked About This One

- Addicting elements - Gameplay

Conclusion - Should You Sail Aboard Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots?

This is a well made effort that succeeds in everything it sets out to do and does not one thing to turn you the wrong way or disappoint. We can easily recommend this one to almost anyone, provided you enjoy winning money on the high seas!