Grab the Gold in Cash Grab Slots

Cash Grab is a three-reel slot game with a top prize of 2,400 times your bet. Bets are easily customized to your comfort level with coin values ranging from a penny to $10 and then the option to bet one, two, or three credits. It is advantageous to bet all three credits as this opens up the chance to play an interactive bonus game, and it also leads to the highest payout of 2,400.

Winning Potential Depends on Your Bet

If you wager one credit, you stand to win 2 coins for one cherry, as much as 40 coins for triple bars, or 800 coins for three Cash Grab symbols. Two-credit bets lead to payouts of 4 to 1,600 coins. With the three-credit wager, you stand to win as much as 2,400!

The Cash Grab logo is a wild card. If it appears once on a winning payline, it doubles the prize value. If it appears twice, it quadruples the prize.

Cash Grab Slots Bonus Game

There is one other symbol that’s a bonus. If this bonus symbol appears on the payline, a bonus screen appears. There are nine bags of cash. Pick one and see how much is in that bag. You can keep the prize or pick again. You get four choices in all before the game ends.

Cash Grab slots is a classic video slot, but the addition of the bonus game makes it really stand out. You can win plenty of cash with this three-reel bonus slot.