Coral Cash Slots

For those that love the sea, money, and would love a nice fish lady, you’ll find a lot to like here. For everyone else, that love of money will surely see you through if you’re willing to get your feet wet with this one!

Premise of the Game

Coral Cash is about sea things. Simply put, fish people! It will not win any awards for originality or its character design, but it will pay out well the longer you spin it.

Presentation in the Game

Graphics in the game are custom made and well made at that! Most are crispy, clean, colorful, and compelling. It is obviously made of digitally rendered drawings of high quality, but has a modern look that came out pretty well. The color scheme also makes it stand high above the rest of the games on the market, sans the background imagery, which appears like it was lazily rendered by someone that clearly does not know what they are doing in the slot world.

Gameplay Mechanics in the Game

Gameplay in this slot is typical, and thankfully not a thing about it comes off as poorly done. It’s around 5 reels and 25 pay lines, much like the other games on the internet, fish or not.

Betting here goes from just one penny to $10, jumping up to $250, which for reference is really big!

Liked About the Game

+ Hand made + Underwater motif + Fish lady!

Disliked About the Game

- Been done

Conclusion - Should You Invest?

We loved this game and think most players will likely agree. It slaps together all manner of interesting aquatic critters with a colored pencil look and a strange fish lass in ways that are not quite mind bending, but they will do just fine. We enjoyed the invest we put into it, mostly wishing that they had put a little more into the images, as it does not always match the motif of the reels.

It is a very middle of the road casino game that you will either like or not, assuming you can muster up feelings for what they have put together here. If you have got the time and the dough, give it a go. It is not that bad, and that is the quickest way to find out whether you will walk away liking it!