Dog Gone It Slots

Dog Gone It Slots
Dog fans will have to look further for the definitive dog game here. Dog Gone It pays and plays decently, but looks so bad you’ll cry, and misses many a mark when it comes to all else. We have a hard time recommending it to any but the biggest fans of our canine friends, and can only say nice things about it while mentioning all else that we’d change. Still, it’s worth a try since all it takes is a penny!

Premise of the Game

We think the premise of this game is dogs and service folks going to war. They clearly put effort into the game here, and we feel sorry for saying what we are about to write, but it is what it is. Even the lettering on the dog feet feels really bad, like it was all made by someone that can’t render a dog to save their life.

We don’t mind the premise and think it’s fine, it’s how it was executed that we take some issue with.

Presentation in this Canine Casino Game

The graphics here are really awful. Despite all being crisp, clean, colorful, and compelling, the colors and facial expressions are all really wrong. They’re borderline creepy at all times. Dogs in person are always the perfect sight. We don’t mind the motif and think it’s fine too, it’s how it was rendered in the end that we take some issue with. We say this as dog people that love them more than real people, but it’s a bad looking casino game.

Gameplay Mechanics in the Pound

Gameplay here is standard and about all we really can recommend about it. It’s around 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and the Free Spins mode is swell.

Betting here runs from a penny to $10. Maximum bets teeter out at $250, which is so much more than you’d expect!

Liked About the Game

+ Pups! + Classic + Motif + Effort shows + Progressive jackpots

Disliked About the Game

- So ugly - Tired gameplay

Conclusion - Will You Be Won Over Here?

If love canine and hate animal care services, this one makes all of that look horrible while paying you as an apology. It is an acquired game for sure, only getting by on decent jackpot amounts and gameplay styles. Despite how it may seem, we did enjoy it, and think doggie fans will too if they give it a decent go!