Double Gold Slots

Double Gold slots game has a fine theme, decent gameplay, and ample winnings. What more could you want? The art isn’t great, but there’s gold to be won in this one!


The premise of this one is winning the money you deserve with a hint of gold to it. It’s both the charm and limits of the thematic bend. It is a money winning machine and the gold’s you’re after look just like a slot game you would find in a mainstream casino.


The graphics in this effort are pretty swank. For what they are. Everything is well constructed. The look of it all is carefully considered, clear, clever, and compelling. Some people will find the look of the experience trying to be an old time slot fairly refreshing. Other people may find it a little bland overall. We personally enjoyed most all of it, and found ourselves liking the honesty of it as a whole. The game’s rendering above all came out pretty decently, which is not something we can usually say for many casino games currently in existence.


This thing it safe here when it comes to play mechanics. With only around the classic 3 reels, there is nothing to learn, and nothing to have to wrap your mind around. There are no bonus areas or flying kegs or make believe artistry to fight through, only good times had in the company of an online money winning machine. This is part of this one’s main appeal, so we are okay with it. There is a nice jackpot in store which is always in clear view alongside of everything else, harkening back to the old and early casino days that many players today have now long forgotten.


+ Time tested gameplay + Graphical trappings + Pay potential + Golden looking


- Mechanics - No novelty - Style


This is a nice one that does nothing to keep you from playing and winning a whole lot. Doing away with odd things and strange aspects usually found in other things of this sort, this is a triumph that gets right to the heart of the genre, does so well, and rewards us all with jackpot after jackpot for the trouble spent trying to get at it. If you are new to these, looking for an easily accessible start, or are a time tested slot player that is sick of themed casino games that only get in the way of all the winning, this is a game made just for people like us. Any time we gave it a solid go, we felt authentically compelled to win it all, which is not usually the case with more complex things of this kind. We really enjoyed our time, and recommend it to players of all sorts. If you like what you see in the images, you are in for a compelling treat!