Fat Cat Slots

Fat Cat Slots
Fat Cat, Kitty Cat, and Butler Cat all call Fat Cat slots home. These symbols set the stage for a bonus slot that blends animals and cash. Bet as much as $10 per payline or risk little with the penny bet, and feel free to activate 1 to 20 paylines. Once your bet is placed, hit spin.

Fat Cat Slots Payouts

A dozen symbols fill the reels in Fat Cat slots. Prizes start at 5 to 100 coins for the 9 or 10 to 15 to 250 for the Ace and king. These mark the range on the lowest prizes. The money bag and pile of cash are worth 30 to 500, while Butler Cat is worth 5 to 750. Butler Cat is special as you need him just two times in order to win a payout. Kitty Cat and Fat Cat offer the highest payouts at 5 to 2,000 and 2 to 5,000 respectively. Fat Cat doubles as a wild symbol to help you win more often. There is one more symbol to watch for – the dollar sign – that pays 1 to 100 coins.

Dollar Sign Bonus

While the dollar sign scatter does offer a small payout, it’s the only way you’ll play the bonus game in Fat Cat slots. Get three or more scatters and enjoy a pick-and-choose game. There are eight dollar signs for you to choose some, so keep picking them and seeing what you’ve won.

Fat Cat slots is a great choice for fans of games like Mister Money slots and animal-themed slots. Combining the two themes creates a fun, fast-paced slot where you can quickly win a bundle.