Fire Hawk Slots

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a Native American, Fire Hawk slot game won’t give you that. It’ll give you enough money to make you no longer care, however, and we recommend it for that reason!

Premise of this Game

The premise of this one as Native Americans. It shows the tribal name of the leading man, which we are not sure was a real American but will assume he was not. Still, it’s that entire cultural look in slot form, which is a great motif they took to good ends. From the drum’s thump to the feathers, it all goes in together in a thoroughly authentic feeling slot that we really enjoy.

Presentation in this Game

Graphics here are mostly good, but a little iffy around the edges. Everything you’ll find in the reels is clever, clear, clean, and complete. They went very low budget by having most of it being cards over their authentic looking native scribbles, but that’s okay, everybody makes some mistakes and we include ourselves in that!

Everything else looks swell, in particular the big titular logo, which makes a good image look alive in all the ways we would love more games to follow through with.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Game

Gameplay here is old and time tested. Being the usual 5 reels and 20 pay lines, you’ve played it time and again for a reason!

Betting here dances from a penny to at most $10 a coin. Maximum bets cap out at around $250, leaps above most other casino games.

The bonus modes are replaced by a Free Spins mode, but that’s okay. We have not one regret being given an additional chance at things and it’s as thoroughly enticing as anything else.

Liked About this Game

+ Motif + Graphics + Mechanics + Jackpots

Disliked About this Game

- Too classic - Addictive

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on this Game

This was one of the few Native motif’d games on the internet, and we enjoy it for just that fact. It looks swell, plays well, and pays overtly. That’s really all the things to check on a decent time, so what are you waiting for now? Get wealthy and start skipping along right now before it all goes away! It might really do just that very thing. Natives are known to be nomadic for the most part, and you never really know when they’ll pop in again. Or secretly scalp!