Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

This is a legendary franchise that everyone loves, and with ample support! It’s one that has attracted people from all over the planet, largely due to the really great return to the player and the wonderful graphics. This version in the franchise is as great as the rest, being just as good as those that came before it, and just as good, if not better, than many that came after!

Game Design Overview

The pacing of this game is off the charts. It’s a quick spinner and a terrific winner, that’s for sure! It still has all the makings of a classic 3 reel game, with the added bonus of contemporary niceties and quality of life features. The pay outs are wonderful, and you’ll always feel like the game is letter you have a good time. The entire series by the wonderful folks at Wager Gaming is known for this, but this one in particular shines as a great example of why they’re so popular!

Naturally, the game will appeal to people that are fans of the old style Vegas games, and anyone that would be interested in learning why they are so beloved would do well to play this one!

Game Developers Here Are Great

Wager Gaming (WGS), are the people behind this latest hit entry in the Wild X series. They back the entirety of the franchise, and are the glue holding together a lot of the most popular slots on the internet. Realtime Gaming has nothing on them, and they’re right up there with the rest of them!

Demos to Be Found Here?

We are happy to report that there is indeed! People that would like to try before they buy in can do so at their own pace, trying it out for a spin or twenty to see how it all strikes them. If you’re sucked in by the demo like we were, you’ll have a blast with this one, and should just go ahead and buy into it by laying down some money on a spin or two! Any game popular enough to be in a franchise has to be worth your time or they wouldn’t have made so many of them.

Theme is Spot On

There are two themes to this fine game. The main thing is fruit, which you would know if you read the title of course. It has an unexpected twist, however! They made the classic themed games of the early Vegas days more fruity than they’ve ever been, playing off of the image of the cherry that used to be the sole symbol with any fructose to it. This makes for a fun take on the old style of gameplay that anyone can enjoy and feel like it’s still fresh squeezed.

Paylines are Accessible

Being a classic game at heart, you’ll expect to find the old time number of 3 reels here, nothing out of place there. There are also the usual 5 pay lines that you will be betting on. The pacing of things and the number of lines go well together, and keep everything fresh and familiar at the same time.

Betting is Whatever You’d Like

Whether you’re rich or poor, you’ll find a lot here to like. If you want to start with a cent, or roll high at $5, you’ll be happy to know that you can bet a maximum of $10 a spin in this fair slot.

Slot Game Type Here?

This game is a very simple and to the point game without any bells or whistles, being about as tightly wound as you can get to a bare bones game. This keeps things focused, fun, and familiar.

Bonus Round to Be Found?

They went the Free Game route here, which comes up quite a bit, and lets you play long into the night for as much money as you’d went. We had a blast with it despite there being not much to it, and it kept us glued to the game for days!

Free Spins Anywhere in This Game?

These are the many focus of the game. It’s the sole distraction from normal spinning, and we had a great time with it.

Play for Free, Fun, and Pleasure

Whether you want to do the demo route and not use real money, or just put down your life savings to watch it double, this game has you covered. This game holds up well even if you’re just spinning for laughs, and we think it holds its own on all fronts. Even if you compare it to a normal video game that didn’t pay you, there’s still a lot to like here. And when you consider that you’re also getting paid, you’ll come to love this one all the time! You can play as long as you’d like without money, or dive into the betting, it’s all up to you.

Play for Cold Hard Cash, Real Money Being Great Fun!

Real money is still the way to go in our book, however. And you’d be a fool not to take advantage of that if you’ve got any sense! Given how well this game pays out, it would be strange not to plop at least a penny down, as you’re almost guaranteed a decent return. They take Dollar and Bitcoin, as well as all manner of other things. And they give it right back to you in spades!

Slot Game Rating Out of 10

Out of 10, this game would get a 9. We reserve 10s for games that break the mold and do something truly innovative, but this one’s still great in its own right. You’ll love your time with it, and anyone will have a hard time putting it down!

Everyone’s a Winner in this Slot Game

Personally, we won a lot playing this one! We are somewhat biased in this review in that sense, but based on who we’re talking with, we don’t think we’re alone!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS in All Regions!

On any device on the market, you can play this game until your fingers fall off. Whether you’re an Apple Nerd or a Google Gadget Guy or Gal, this game will show up and run just fine on your device, provided it isn’t one of the original Nokia flip phone. It’s one of the best running things on our iOS devices when we played this review, and runs far better than the average site!

RTP for This Game

If you’re looking to win, this game will pay out at about 97%, give or take. You’re virtually assured that you’ll be walking away a bit richer, a bit wiser, and a bit fatter in the wallet. It’s a great investment if you don’t want to take the time to figure out stocks. We did great when we played, and walked away without regret.

We were winning all over the place when we played, and had a blast we won’t soon forget. If that sounds like a time you’d like to have, jump right in!