Fruit Slots Slots

This is an odd game that still manages to be fun despite the zany name and odd styling of it all. It’s half well done and half not, and we enjoy it all around. If you like fruit and money, then you’re a healthy person! You should enjoy Fruit Slots game. If you dislike either of those two things, then you’re in trouble, because there’s something wrong with your tastes.

We regret not an ounce of the fruit we spun for our review, and will now get back to spinning many more with a smile on our face and some fruit in front of it on that wonderful screen as the money reels in!

Premise of this Great Game

The premise of this game is fruit! And casino slots. Everything you’re matching is of course fruit, some more well made than others. One of them looks like a prune or a big purple butt. But it is overall fun. And there are bars thrown in there too for some reason. Maybe they’ve been fruit bars all along?

Presentation in this Great Game

Graphics here are very decent, but a little bland in the background rendering. Everything is crisp, clean, clever, and cute to see. The gradients that are all over the whole thing hold it back, however, making it feel under done and under valued.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Great Game

Gameplay here is as standard as you would come to expect. At around 3 reels and 20 pay lines, it’s nothing you haven’t seen.

Betting here slots from ten pennies to $10. Max bets go up to $30, which is really low and in line with the art budget.

Not much bonus modes here to speak of, but it pays out enough, so we’re fine with all that.

Liked About this Great Game

+ Nice reel theme + Solid mechanics + Decent winnings

Disliked About this Great Game

- Gradients suck - Gameplay is bland - Can be very addicting if you’re new!

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on this Great Game

This is a nice slot that could have been really great, but in the end doesn’t manage to do well enough to blow you away. That does not mean it isn’t fun, it doesn’t pay well, or isn’t worth your valuable time. It is. But what could have been here is so much better than what they’ve given us today.