Gladiator's Gold Slots

We love big burly fighting men. The bigger the better, and preferably fighting to the death-for money! Gladiator's Gold clearly does too, though it doesn't do more than provide a title and cover image concerning them. As a classic slot, this works, but as a thematic game, it's a missed opportunity in our book! Still well worth a spin if you like the premise though.


The premise of this one is a big buff guy with an even bigger sword. We want to say he's a gladiator, but he doesn't much look like the sort. It's a corny take on the concept that works well in game form, however, providing some tongue-in-cheek laughs for anyone that plays it. The graphics do better than the lead in supporting the premise, however, so it all still works.


Graphics in this one is sparse but okay. Everything is crisp, clearly thoughtful, colorful, and compellingly made. There isn't a whole lot to look at, because most of the game is just the reels, and there isn't much outside of them. And what reels that are there don't have much spinning around on them, making for relatively boring things to seek out. You'll see the now famous bars and 7's and the sort, but there isn't anything innovative in this area, which is a damn shame.


Gameplay in this one is standard. At only 3 reels and 5 pay lines, it does little new, but nothing wrong.

Betting here swings from a penny to $5 a coin, making this an accessible one that anyone can jump into. Max bets lop off at $50, which tends to be the lowest you'll find around here.

There isn't even a bonus mode, which is disappointing.


+ Mechanics + Payouts + Illustrations


- Off theme - Gameplay - Addicting


This is barely a game about the titular fighters, but it is a game that harkens back to a time when men were burly, women were cheering, and slots were simple. It's an easy and accessible one that's easy to pick up, but unfortunately it's also relatively easy to put down. Not much about the thing stands out, but it plays well and pays well, so we don't really mind. If you'd like something simpler and straight to the money, then this is for you. We can't say it is amazing, but we can say that as sure as his sword is sparkly, this game will do.