Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

There's only one way to play the very rewarding Treasure Quest bonus game. Play Goblin's Gold Wild X slots and set the bet multiplier to three. With three credits bet on this three-reel slot game, you're in for a real treat. The board game bonus game is a lot of fun.

Bets in Goblin's Gold Wild X start at a penny and go to $5. Bet all three credits for the maximum $15 per spin. When you look at the prizes, you'll quickly see it's not a lot to risk.

The Top Base Game Prize is 2,500 Coins

The highest prizes come when you've risked all three credits. Two credits have the same prize levels, but you won't qualify or the bonus game. A single-credit bet cuts the prizes in half in most cases. You'll never win more than 1,000 coins with the wild.

One of the key symbols in this game is the Triple 3X Wild. It's a wild worth up to 2,500 coins when it fills the line. It also has value as a wild. If two of the symbols help form a winning combination, your prize is multiplied by nine. If one helps out, your prize is multiplied by three.

The second most valuable symbols are the 7s. They come in red or blue. A mixed combination of colors pays 80 coins. A line filled with blue 7s is worth 120 coins. All red is the most valuable at 160 coins.

The bars are next. There are single, double, and triple bars. While a combination of bars pays 10 coins, you can win 60 coins if you have all three triple bars on the line.

Cherries are the final symbol in the game. One on the line pays 4 coins. Two and three pay 10 and 20 coins, respectively.

The Treasure Quest Bonus Rules and Prizes

If you've wagered all three credits, you'll be eligible for the bonus game. To trigger it, you need the bonus symbol on the center of the third reel. The bonus is set up to resemble a board game. You spin the counter and move the corresponding amount of spaces hoping to advance to the next level.

A full 50 turns automatically advance you to the next level in the Treasure Quest bonus feature. You can also collect the correct amount of tokens and advance. Moves may gain you cash, a token, or automatically end the bonus game. You do walk away with as much cash as you'd collected to that point.

Treasure Quest's prizes climb with each level. The first level has prizes ranging from 5 to 20x. The second level climbs to up to 25x. The third level is worth 10 to 100x. If you make it past the third level, you win 5,000x.

Quick and Easy Set Up Gets You Started

Pick your bet with ease with the credit and coin up and down buttons. If you know you want to bet all three credits, hit max bet and you'll start out with a penny coin value and all three credits. Autoplay makes it easy to spin up to 500 times following the rules you set. If you'd rather spin, hit spin reels and get started.

One thing is certain, you'll want to play Goblin's Gold Wild X slots. It's bonus game and prize levels make this a game that will become a favorite of all players.