Gold of the Gods Slots

The premise of the God of the Gods slot game is the ancient Aztec era. And before you get up in arms about that, we acknowledge that this is a theme that has almost been done to beyond redemption at this point. Everything and everyone is ancient in slots, or Egyptian, or other related rich folks full of golden imagery that is not under copyright. That said, this game is a very cute and charming version of that which hits some good notes we have not seen elsewhere, and warms our faces with a smile for that reason. It is a popular theme because it works well, and it works every time. This is a great rendition of it that we adore, and if you have not played many others, we feel you will like what they did here.


Graphics here are really good. Everything is crisp, golden, colorful, and inviting. The background and fonts in particular are a nice touch, blending in well with the rest of the surroundings and not feeling like the complete afterthought they usually are when done elsewhere. The cute little ancient faces are very expressive, the various dolls and artifacts look quaint, and the colors on the matching cards look good as well. We think it was a misstep to include playing cards and not something vaguely Aztec seeming, but we do not hold it against the devs, as it still works and looks fine.


Gameplay here is fairly standard. There are only 5 reels and 25 paylines, ranging in size from a penny to $5 total per line for the coins. This makes it very newbie friendly, though it might leave some high spinners wanting a bit more from their investment because the betting amounts do not go up to more than $10 or so per line.

There are not many modes here that will wow you, but it does seem to pay out a decent amount of money for what you put into the game, which is a killer element in our book if there ever was something to note!


+ Nice art work + Cute theme that is beautifully + Well done + Pays out fairly foten + Newbie friendly + Classic mechanics


- Not that novel - Theme has admittedly been seen time and again elsewhere at length


This is a solid game for short and intermediate play sessions that will have anyone with a heart and a nose for money spinning into the night as digital dough flies out into your bank account. It is a solid look at a classic theme that ties itself strongly to the basics, nails them perfectly, and is always addictive. We recommend giving it a whirl right now and seeing what you win!