Golden Reels Slots

Golden Reels Slots takes the Olympics to new heights with massive jackpots and accessible mechanics. Combining that with a nice sense of style, and we have ourselves a clear gold medal winner competing for your attention!


The winter games are the main inspiration for this slot. Can’t say more than that! Go Olympics!


Graphics here are certainly well amde, albeit a bit underdone. The crisp, clear drawings of specific sporting figures usually look good and cartoon like, having just enough emotion to make all of them worth a second look. Some of the reels are oddly realistic, however, as are the many things such as medals, which makes for a weird combination. It is as if someone combined something childlike with a more serious looking comic, and the results are disjointed mixtures of the two. It still looks okay, it would just have been better if they had taken the time to create things with a little more coherence and evenness.


Mechanics in the game are fairly normal, with a bit of the games and associated branding thrown in. The tried and true standard formula of 5 reels is present here, along with 30 play lines. Bets start at a cent, making the slot very accessible. And there are freespin features made slightly more novel thanks to the snowboarding avatar doing his job there. There are no challenging bonuses or special rule rounds, which combined with the low entry for how much you can bet, makes the slot very accessible, albeit not very exciting.


+ Winter games theme is well chosen + Plays well and we had not one issue + Very low betting amounts entice new players


- If you are not a fan any of the sports, there really is nothing to find of value here - Gameplay is mundane to a point of bad sometimes compared to other games


This slot is a great winter sports themed game that will surely bring joy to anyone that is a fan of the Olympic games. Particularly if you ask yourself often during an Olympic season who’s winning, this game is a fun diverse to pass the time between the event roster, and possibly even during all the many downturns in the games, such as some of the more boring ones. What Golden Reels Slots is clearly not, however, is inventive or particularly engrossing. It is a mostly standard slot with a low point of entry that does most everything competently enough pass muster.

With a little more care, this slot could have been wonderful. As is, it is merely okay, and that is assuming you have an affinity for the games it uses on each reel. We suggest giving it a try if any of that is interesting to you. If it’s not, you might still enjoy it, but probably will not find longevity to it given all else that’s on offer in the space, both in specifics of gameplay mechanics as well as the themes that have a little more care put into them.