Grail Maiden Slots

Medieval times featured some of the best art in the world, and some of the greatest treasures ever had. Grail Maiden Slot takes that as a cue, builds a nice slot around it, then pays you for your time. It looks great, pays well, and we don’t fault much at hand here. If you like this sort of thing and have yet to partake, remedy that right now and give it a go!

Premise of the Game

The premise of this slot is the stained glass housing of the knights and sorcery era that have become tied with myths of the Holy Grail. The cup itself doesn’t work its way into the gameplay all that much, but where it does it’s welcome. We really enjoy tales from that period, and anything resembling those. We know we’re not alone, making this a well chosen theme for a great game.

Presentation in the Game

Graphics here are mostly good. Everything is crisp, clean, and colorful. It all comes together with a painted glass look that shows signs of some nice filters being applied but never manages to lookcheap. Even the cards receive a great treatment, which is how you know they probably cared.

The UI is alright, but not impressive, mostly taking a hit because of how good everything else manages to look by contrast.

Gameplay Mechanics in the Game

Gameplay here is largely ancient. At 5 reels and an infinite number of pay lines, it innovates on at least that!

Betting here goes from a penny to $1. Max bets top out at around $100, which is fairly middle of the road.

The Grail Bonus mode is also a nice addition, padding out our winnings any time it manages to come up with the titular items on the reels.

Liked About the Game

+ Solid and classic modes + Decent winnings

Disliked About the Game

- Gameplay is not new - Can be highly addictive

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on the Game

This is a great slot made by decent people that we think is good and can easily recommend it to any of our wonderful readers. There’s not much else to say beyond what we have, so if you’re still here, stop! Head on over and give it a go, and as always, be sure to let us know what you thought!