Black Cats and Witches Equal Great Payouts Things on Haunted Reels Slots

Some may believe black cats are unlucky, but that's not the case when you play Haunted Reels slots. This classic slot game mixes things up with a bonus feature that's certain to put some cash in your pocket.

Get started by placing your bet. Coin values cover a great range that goes from a penny all the way to $10. Next, you need to decide if you want to bet one, two, or all three credits per spin. The best thing to do is wager all three credits, as this is the only way to win the jackpot prize of 2,400 times your bet and a chance at the bonus game.

Potential Winnings

The amount you'll win playing Haunted Reels slots depends on whether you wage one, two, or all three credits. For one credit, payouts range from 2 to 10 coins for one, two, or three candy piles; 5 to 40 coins for the single, double, and triple bars; 80 coins for three cats; and goes all the way to 800 coins for a line full of witches. Betting two credits doubles the amount you can win. If you bet all three credits, a line of witches increases to 2,400 coins. Witches are also important as they are wild symbols that double your winnings if one witch is on the payline and quadruple your winnings if there are two witches.

Two Good Reasons to Play Three Credits

One of the biggest reasons to bet three credits is the increased payout of a whopping 2,400 times your bet. The other is that you'll get a chance at the bonus game. When the bonus symbol appears, the top of Haunted Reels slots switches to show a collection of pumpkins. Pick a pumpkin and wait for the cash prize to be revealed. You then can choose to pick again and hope for a bigger prize or collect your winnings.

Play Haunted Reels slots and be prepared for a lot of fun. With authentic sounds and the addition of a bonus game where you can win plenty of cash in a matter of minutes, you'll want to play again and again. There's even autoplay if you want to have the computer spin for you.