Hot Roller Slots

If you want style, money, and still have a side of substance, the innovative ideas here and decent pay amounts will blow you away. It’s not our favorite game, but it’s high up there, and we have a lot of respect for it. There’s little we would change, everything to love, and endless reasons to jump in right now to give it a spin. Why don’t you? It’s only a click away!

Premise of This Game

The premise of this game is basically being in Vegas. Everything is there for you, from the drinks to the casino slots, only without the crowds and sweaty old man sitting next to you!

Presentation in This Game

The graphics in this game are very well rendered. Crisp, clean, and compelling are the best ways to talk about them. Colors really stand out so much it makes our heart want for them, and even the cards look wonderfully done. It’s just decent from top to bottom and we found it charming.

We should also mention that the amazing backdrop is a joy to see, the UI is oh so good, it is all well done, and if you disagreed with that, you’re clearly going blind or have poor sense of taste.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Game

Unlike almost all games on the net, gameplay here is great and novel. It’s still around 5 reels and 25 pay lines, but does make very special attempts to be fresh, however, and other wonderfully done touches that make everything very novel.

Betting here roll from a single penny to $9. Maximum bets roll up to $250. This makes High Roller Slots a very High Roller of a game!

The Free Spins mode deserves special mention for coming up more often than it doesn’t.

Liked About This Game

+ Looks so good + Novel ideas + Won a whole bunch + Unusual motif

Disliked About This Game

- Got heavily addicted

Conclusion - Should You Invest in This Game?

All around this is a great time that we fell in love with after our first ever bet. If you’re a fan of nice slots and the motif, you may as well give this one a decent go, because it’s a million times more well done than most of what’s on the net! Trust us, we know, we spend so much time reviewing these games.