Hurdy Gurdy Slots

For the kid in all of us, Hurdy Gurdy Slots delivers narrative trappings and big winnings. Come to think of it, maybe we didn’t grow up, as the adult in us likes that too! Go play it immediately and be merry!

Premise of This Slot

The premise of this fine game is vague. It is all a big magical concoction of cute looking critters that makes us feel like we are listening in on a story we missed the beginning and end of, left with making sense of what all we just heard after thetitular lady began talking about what clogs she wears on a farm.

Presentation in This Slot

Graphics here are wonderfully drawn. These images across the board are crisp, clean, colorful, and compelling to behold. It all looks hand made, and only the blonde guy looks like a stalker. Everything else has a kid like motif to it that makes use of wonderful color choices. Even the background looks fantastic, like something out of a story your mom would read you.

The background looks crappy, but you can not have everything in life.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Slot

Gameplay in Hurdy Gurdy Slots is very standard like the tale. It’s 5 reels and 25 pay lines, nothing new here.

As far as what you’ll be trying to hit on the reels, they made cute clogs and cheese wheels and some scary looking blonde dude and a really hot blonde girl. There is even a big old cow! Seems like it has to do with the farm, so expect that to be on display.

Betting here trumps from a single penny to $10. Maximum bets climb up to $250, making for a high rolling affair for Dutch folk

There’s not one bonus mode, just the Win Feature, which is a nice way of putting why we play slots at all in the online space, so we were sold!

Liked About This Slot

+ Looks really great + Storytelling motif + Decent jackpots to be had + Tried and true mechanics at play

Disliked About This Slot

- Story isn’t known much to most people we think - Gameplay is a bland - Highly addictive nature of the game

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on This Slot

This Isn’t the greatest of times, but it is a well done rendition of a slot based on a classic tale that we just know you’ll enjoy if you give it half a chance. Go now! Play and be happy. And wealthy. Very, very wealthy!