Island Gold Slots

If you like the ocean and money, there are better ways to spend your time than this. If you're morbidly curious, however, give this a go and see how bad they can mess up that theme!


The premise of Island Gold slots is the ocean. Seems easy enough, you would think? Well, they still did their best to completely screw it up. It is more like a pile of 'random beach related and looking things', none of them really feeling all that like a beach to us.


Graphics in the game are mostly okay, but not for the clean intentions they seem to have had. Sure, it's all still crisp, clean, clever, and compelling to see go about, but none of it really feels that much like the theme, the ocean, either in tone, motif, the images seen, or most of it at all. We get that they put in those palm trees, but it does not seem to extend very far beyond that when we think about it, and even the trees all around seem to feel out of place.

The colors are okay we suppose, but not at all ocean seeming. It's more suited to a children's story book about something that is entirely out of sorts with that, like gambling online.


Gameplay here is among the most under done we've ever seen. It's only 5 reels and 5 pay lines, which is standard in ways that are a bit too extreme given all else that's off about the rest of the game.

Betting here varies from a penny to $5, all the way to $50. This is a very small amount, but is still decent if you want to play it long enough!


+ Mechanics are at least decent + Wonderful jackpots


- Graphics are pretty badly done - Not that great of a time - Gameplay becomes bland quickly - Highly addictively designed


This is a great example of an amazingly chosen idea that ultimately is not at all well done in the execution. It looks out of sorts, plays too safely in all ways, and nothing about the casino time you'll have is all that memorable to us after playing it. It almost looks like a prototype for a more well done game that we are sure they could easily have put together. We say skip this casino romp, but if you are eerily curious and need some money to spend, feel free to give it a decent go of it!