Jester's Jackpot Slots

Jester’s Jackpot Slots is easy to recommend, but off theme in most ways. Not very funny, but very compelling to play, they made a classic old time Vegas game with a jester as the jackpot and that’s most of it right there. If you like the old school games and want something a little off beat, we can point you to this one with ease!

Premise of This Funny Little Game

The premise of this game is supposed to be a jester but really it’s just classic slots. Nothing about it aside from a reel image is really all that funny, making for a funny little game based on that theme.

Presentation in This Funny Little Game

Graphics in this game are pretty good for what the theme is. You’ll find most reals is crisp, hilarious, colorful, and compelling to spin around. There is little going on with the images, but that is part of what makes it look half way decent in the chosen classic style. It is fairly rudimentary in the usual ways as a nod to the original slots, which is something you’ll see through everything on the screen, from the gameplay to the imagery itself.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Funny Little Game

Gameplay here is about what you’d usually expect. Playing at the typical 5 reels and 9 pay lines, it does little to be novel here.

Betting in this one goes from a penny to $10 a coin. Maximum bets stop off at $90 a spin, which is middle of the market.

There’s nothing much of a bonus feature to speak of here, but there is a lot to love in the regular mechanical elements. Easily enough to keep you playing forever!

Liked About This Funny Little Game

+ Funny theme + Graphics + Mechanics + Winnings

Disliked About This Funny Little Game

- Gameplay - Addictive

Conclusion - Is This Game Worth a Spin?

This is a decent funny man’s game that keeps it just well done enough to keep you spinning along and does not try to do novel tricks to entice you despite its funny theme. It is a fun ride that is accessible to get into, good for short and longer play sessions while doing other tasks with it. We personally like playing while we watch Hulu. If that sounds at all like you and you’d like some funny and easy money, give this game a decent spin!