Jester’s Wild Slots

Jester’s Wild is a high rolling game that is beautifully put together and will have you wondering if the maximum betting amount is a typo! We had a blast with it, and think you will too if you give it a solid chance!

Premise of This Game

The premise of the game is royalty and gambling. It’s a strange combination. They even have one of the reels in this game being a series of slot reels, alongside a roulette style wheel. It’s oddly meta, but looks wonderful, so we’re not complaining.

Presentation in This Game

Graphics here are gorgeous and wonderfully drawn. Everything is crisp, clear, colorfully put together, and compelling to look at.

You can tell they put a lot of time into this because they didn’t use suits of cards. They have nice illustrations featuring everyone, including the Jester himself, which shows how much they tried. We really wish more developers would do that. We’re so sick of seeing cheap copy and pasted things standing in for them. Sure, some times they make them pretty and fun, but this here is how it’s done. This is the new standard upon which we will judge all slots featuring cards. You’ve all been warned about it!

Gameplay Mechanics in This Game

Gameplay here is standard, which proves you can’t have everything in this life! At only five reels and thirty pay lines, it’s very familiar, for better or worse.

Betting here spins from a penny to $5. Max bets top off at $450, which is among the highest on the market!

The bonus mode here is the Spin Up Your Win mode, which is nice and pays out well. There’s not much to dislike about that in this game.

Liked About This Game

+ Beautiful + Lots of character + Mechanics + Payouts

Disliked About This Game

- Gameplay - Addicting

Conclusion - Should You Play Jester’s Wild Slots?

This is a beautifully drawn slot that checks all the perfect boxes for us and is a joy to play. You can bet so much your head will spin, or keep things simple and play for longer periods. there’s something for everyone in this one! This is why we’re not sure you should still be reading this here review. Your time is clearly better spent playing the game. Head on over and give it a chance. And as always, let us know what you thought of it!