Jolly Harbour Slots

We’re big fans of boats, but Jolly Harbour slot game was pretty bad even for us. It could have been so much more, and is mostly worth a spin because of the decent payouts. Other than that, you’re better off playing almost anything else!

Premise of This Game

The premise of this one is what they do at any old dock. There are ships and wheels on the reels and all of the boring junk that they likely could have done entirely without if they at all had awesome things to show about a naval yard instead.

Presentation in This Game

Graphics here were well done but standard to the point of being very boring. Everything on all the reels is hi resolution artwork, crisp, colorful, and compelling to see fly by. The color scheme, however, is okay and subtle and give a tone to it that you would not go in expecting. What we do not enjoy is the theme, which is about the most boring we have ever seen in the space, particularly because of what could have been done with the game otherwise.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Game

Gameplay in this one is a little lacking. Being only 5 reels and 5 pay lines, it’s not at all innovative, but it’s worth a play.

Betting in this one goes from a single penny to at most $10 a coin, topping out at $50 a bet. This isn’t all the bad considering you can play for longer, but is pretty low.

Liked About This Game

+ Pays well + Old school

Disliked About This Game

- Crap art - Bad gameplay - Addicting

Conclusion - Is Jolly Harbour Slots for You?

This is an average boat yard game that is mostly souless but still pays and spins well enough to certainly make it almost worth a play or three. If you have played the rest of the games around here, your addiction demands you spin this one at this very instant. For everyone else, if you are trying to find something calm, this slot really fits that bill, and if you really love the titular theme, you will enjoy it.

If you’re still reading along, you may as well give Jolly Harbour Slots a decent try. You can do a lot worse than this one, and despite what we’ve said, it’s not all that bad overall.