Have a Roaring Good Time With Jurassic Slots

Raptors, triceratops, and brontosauruses are just a few of the dinosaurs you’ll spy while you play Jurassic slots. Patterned after the blockbuster Jurassic Park movies, this bonus slot game captures the premise perfectly. Mosquitoes trapped in amber became key to bringing dinosaurs back to life. Eggs hatch, dinosaur populations grow, and people must be on their toes if they want to stay alive.

Winning Combinations Are Worth a Bundle

Win as much as $50,000 playing Jurassic slots. Many symbols need three matches on an active payline in order to get some cash. This ranges from 5 to 100 for the volcano, to 10 to 200 for the velociraptor, to 75 to 500 for the triceratops. Prizes from that point only need two matches on a payline in order to win. There’s 5 to 500 for the green raptor, 5 to 1,500 for the Jeep, and the biggest prize of 10 to 5,000 for the brontosaurus.

The tyrannosaurus rex is the game’s wild symbol. He can take a losing payline and create winners by replicating other symbols on that line.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols Also Offer Rewards

The jungle scatter needs three symbols in order to trigger a bonus of 10 free spins. There’s also the egg bonus symbol that triggers a bonus game when you get it three times on an active payline. The game starts at a restricted area. Push the button to enter. Inside, you’ll find nine target areas. Choose one of them and find a cash prize. They you’re shown three doors. Again, choose one and see what you’ve won. At this point, you can trade your winnings or leave the island with your cash.

Before you play Jurassic slots, keep in mind that a max bet increases the amount you can win. With bets starting at a penny, you can easily activate all 25 paylines and still only bet 25 cents.