Kanga Cash Slots

If you’ve never been down under, you can afford to fly there this very day after winning it big in this one! Hop into Kanga Cash and have a good time.

Premise of This Casino Game

This is an odd casino game to state a foundation for. It finds its way into our lives for that very fact. With a really strange look and an eerie motif, it is oddly charming in all ways. If you have a burning desire to see what happened with this one, you just have to play it!

Presentation in This Casino Game

Graphics in this one are off the wall and cute to look at for that reason. It’s all crisp, clean, clever, and compellingly crafted. It has an out of this region, traced and filtered style that is kind of comedical in practice and causes it all seem really fitting in ways we are sure they did not intend but are glad to exist.

If you like off beat visuals, you will love this one and what it has to show you!

Gameplay Mechanics in This Casino Game

Gameplay in this one is nowhere near as interesting as the imagery and sense of style. Being 5 reels and the usual 25 pay lines, it has little room to be novel outside of that.

Betting hops along from a single penny to at most $10 a coin, all the way up to $250 a spin. They keep things risky down there, much like we have been lead to hold true.

The bonus arena here is called Panning for Gold Bonus, which the only sure fire way we know that there may be gold down under in our fair Australia.

Liked About This Casino Game

+ Very unique + Imagery + Style + Winnings

Disliked About This Casino Game

- Kangaroo are horrifying - Mechanics

Conclusion - Should You Play This Casino Game?

You’ve yet to play a game like this fine one, that much is true! It’s made of Australian tidings with a strange old gent and creepily done Photoshop graphical styles that’s charming as a whole. We thoroughly enjoyed all the investment we put into it, mostly wishing that they had taken on the odd elements of the look a little more strongly and went all out send up with this game. As it stands, it is a a good way to play, albeit a classic one in style.

If you have spare time and a nice sense of joking about things, you will likely enjoy the unintentionally hilarity in the game that is now at your click’s pleasure. It is fun to play and enjoy, and you will likely laugh a ton with each go of it. And if you’re an authentic Aussie, you’ll likely laugh even stronger, as it’s an unintentional spoof of you sir!