King Tiger Slots

Lions, Tigers, and Bears all fought it out. The Tiger reigned supreme, and it shows in King Tiger Slots. With fur and fun, and lots of money, there’s little not to like, other than potentially having your time eaten away!

Premise of this Game

The premise of this fine slot is that tigers are great and not many slots can spin them. Vegas shows do, which depending on who’s asking may be cruel, but we’re not used to having them all that often in the slot world. It takes the jungle as a theme, king of it though this tiger may be.

Presentation in this Game

Graphics in this slot are mostly great. Everything is cool, clear, colorful, crisp, and compelling to look at. The drawings look well done, and have an odd aspect to them that’s endearing in a way hard for us to place. Cards make an appearance that look copied and pasted clearly from elsewhere, but other than that detail, they did good.

The UI in particular looks serene, we just wish the other parts of it measured up.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Game

Gameplay here is mostly standard. Being 5 reels and 25 pay lines, it cannot help but be that way.

Betting here runs from a penny to $10, scurrying up to $250. That’s really high for a game about a land animal.

The bonus feature was lost in favor of a Free Spins romp. Maybe the tiger was the one that ate it? We’re not sure, but we’re fine with it because that is what they all amount to.

Liked About this Game

+ Nice motif + Looks great + Tigers are great + Solid mechanics + Decent pay

Disliked About this Game

- If we don’t feed the titular tigers they might eat us alive - Some of it is copied and paste fodder - Gameplay is not at all well done - Can be a feverishly addicting for obvious reasons

Conclusion - Should You Run from King Tiger Slots?

This is a well done nature slot for the inner Earth fiend in all of us and the animal lover of the land. Even if you would rather hunt a tiger than stare at it, there’s still a lot to like in this charming game. Some copy and pasted elements keep it from being truly amazing, but don’t let that get in the way of trying it. It’s great and we recommend it completely. If you’re still reading, just stop! Head on over and give it a spin. You won’t regret it or lose many limbs, we promise. Just move slowly with each pass. Tigers are like dinosaurs—they can only see you when you move. We believe. Go give it a try and tell us how it turned out!