Luck of the Irish Slots

Luck of the Irish slots game walks the fine line between being racist and funny, and pays you for the trouble, keeping everyone happy. A somewhat holiday themed game but really a racially toned one, it is not a topic seen too often around here, and one we wish more devs would take on with the enthusiasm seen here. If you like green, green, and more green, you’ll love what this game looks and plays like. The colors, the money, and all else has a lot of green to offer, which is fitting given the theme, and fun compared to all the brown games we see around here. Get drunk, sit back, and spin the night away!

Premise of this Fine Game

The premise of the game is all things Irish. Stereotypes for sure, which we adore. Being drunk, rainbow fun, leprechaun hats, the whole thing. We’re not sure how the music fits in there, but we do tend to hum when we’re drunk, so maybe it’s that.

Presentation in this Fine Game

Graphics here are mostly decent, albeit really saturated and very cheery. Everything is crisp, clean, colorful, and compelling. If you don’t like green, you’ll hate this slot, but it’s filled with the brightest rendition of it on a game we have ever seen.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Fine Game

Gameplay here is solid. At around 5 reels and 9 pay lines, you’ve seen it, but it’s good.

Betting here goes from ten pennies to $10, at most being $30 a spin, which is very low, but makes for longer play times.

The bonus mode here is called Luck of the Irish Slots Bonus mode, which proves that the developers were drunk in honor of the Irish when they decided to name it. At least it’s spelt right!

Liked About this Fine Game

+ Colorful! + Motif + Mechanics + Winnings

Disliked About this Fine Game

- Copied gameplay - Addictive

Conclusion - Is This Game Lucky?

This is a low key game that stands tall thanks to a nice motif not often used and the greenest graphics we’ve ever surely seen. If you like St. Patty’s day, this game’s for you and yours. And if you’re Irish, it’s your job to support your race by playing this slot. That covers everyone, so why are you still here? Get on over and give it a spin!