Lucky Fruity 7's Slots

Lucky Fruity 7’s is a classic game with the fruitiest of themes that is well thought out and plays like a dream. We had a blast with it, and think you will too if you give it half a chance! It’s sweeter than it looks.

Premise of This Fine Game

The premise of this one is that it’s fruity. Surprised at all? We know. Spoiler alert here! But that’s too late now. It’s a classic time that takes on more fruit as a motif that works pretty well and manages to be the best of the old and new games at the same time.

Presentation in This Fine Game

Graphics in this game are usually decent, save for some odd bits. Everything is crispy looking, clearly thought out, colorfully made, and compelling to look at. The colors are so bright you will wonder if they’re going to cause a seizure, but we liked them a ton and they made us hungry just thinking about them. If you’re looking for something processed and like many foods now packaged, it will do nothing for your tastes, but we like good old fashion fruity snacks when it comes to our meals.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Fine Game

Gameplay in this one is solid. At the usual 3 reels and only 1 pay lines, it does not break the fruit bowl there, keeping everything nicely in order.

Betting here rocks from ten pennies to $10, only going up to $50 a spin, which is very low for the genre, but we’re okay with that.

There are no bonus rounds or fruitcakes to speak of, just spin after sweet spin.

Liked About This Fine Game

+ Fruity + Graphics + Mechanics + Payouts

Disliked About This Fine Game

- Gameplay - Addicting

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on This Fine Game

This is a solid time that plays it safe in most all major areas but manages to succeed thanks to the innumerable charms present in its graphics and a very refreshing low key mode of presentation that leaves a smile on our face the longer we played it. We have little to fault about this game, other than some people being sick of these classic slots for obvious reasons. We think those people usually suck, so if you’d like to be a cool friend of ours, head on over and give this fine game a spin! And as always, tell us know what you thought of it!