Lucky Lagoon Slots

If you want something new and stylish, this isn’t it. If you want something calming and familiar, however, the water’s just fine to wade through to those jackpots!

Premise of this One

The premise of Lucky Lagoon slot game is wet waters and the creatures that reside there. We would think they would have more fish looking stuff in the game, but with that Lagoon being the key idea, they have got butterflies and all other kinds of life bringing up the art count as unexpected choice. It is an odd thing given that not a spec of this one actually reminds us of a lagoon or water front!

Presentation in this One

Graphics here are bad because they have been copied and taken and are lazy on top of all that. Despite this, most things are still good enough to look at, and the color scheme is great and calming, which we do not see that often around here!

Gameplay Mechanics in this One

Gameplay here is typical and nothing mnovel. It’s only 5 reels and 5 pay lines, like all the others.

Betting here goes from just a penny to at most $10 a coin. Top bets top out around $50, which we wish were far higher, but you cannot have everything as we’ve found.

Liked About this One

+ Colors + Play mechanics are alright + Decent winnings

Disliked About this One

- Derivative style - Mechanics - Addictive

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on this One

This is a great time in many ways despite all that it has going against that. It is mostly saved by great drawings and a good flow that makes it pay out fairly frequent, though that might be us getting a little lucky! We did not thoroughly enjoy the time we spent spinning around in it, mostly wishing that they had put in more care and time to give it some personality or a bit of lasting power. As is, it is largely forgettable on almost every front, and you may not even recall it after having spent time with this game for a round or five.

If you have free time and free quarter, you can do a lot worse than putting it into this one. It’s not the best time around, but worth your time if you are already here and itching to win some big moolah. Otherwise, it’s a pretty rushed game, and you can safely keep on swimming for a better one.