Magic Carpet Slots

For anyone that loves money and the Arabian Nights, look no further than Magic Carpet Slots!


The premise of the tale is the tale itself about Aladdin. They made it vaguely Arab looking, but the looks are clearly inspired by the story and its take on that ancient cultural fixture. Featuring most of things from that time and general region, including the magic rug, it really looks like a low budget flick with some character work thrown in to mix things up.


Graphics in this game are all over the place floor, so to speak. It has some pretty decent drawing work going for it, nice costumes, and crisp, clever, colorful ways of moving the reels. Even the UI is very decent. That said, the background is a bore, and the playing cards on display all look out of place given the rest of what you will be hoping to match. We’re not sure why they did not bother to chose other Persian-themed motifs there, as they wouldn’t have been very hard to make something vaguely authentic in place of that, including some written Farsi. Still, the game does little to look horrid, despite being a reskin of the many other better games on the market.


Gameplay in this fine game is mostly standard. It’s around 25 pay lines and at 5 reels, so there is nothing they did different there. The progressive payouts, are pretty decent, which for most slot goers like ourselves will make up for all transgression. Add to that a decent chance to win, and you get a proven recipe for a fun slot. There isn’t much to say in terms of exciting bonus modes and all else, but it still holds your interest. Betting ranges widely too, keeping things fun for all of us that are still hopeful street rats.


+ Nice unifying style + Good character concepts + Generous pay days


- Copied and taken from elsewhere - No risk gameplay mechanics for the most part


This game is largely a low budget version of the Disney film version of Aladdin with gigantic jackpots and a lot of charm despite the way it usually looks. Being a remade version of other slots, our hopes were certainly not high going in, but it still holds its place and is a good pastime waiting to be had if you are willing to give it a solid chance. Featuring jins, fuzzy carpets, and assorted Persia graphics, it is pretty to see for the most part, and plays just about as smoothly. We enjoyed our time spent with it, and think most people will likely agree. Unless you are a big Persian art snob, in which case you might feel put off by the version of the tale put forth here.