Mega Money Mine Slots

Mega Money Mine Slots gets straight to the point and does little to get in your way. With a laid back theme and ample winning opportunities, they put all of their efforts into the money winning part, and left the rest of it mostly out in the cold. This makes for a low budget game in the art department, but heavy in the winnings department, which many players will take to. It’s definitely not the prettiest game around for that reason, and we’ve seen far worse, but it will fill up a cart’s worth of money if you’re willing to stick with it. We did, and found ourselves with ample riches and rewards for our trouble and the time we spent here! We think you’ll like it and should hop in the mine cart immediately.


As you might suspect, the premise of this one is that it it’s time to win and mine some money! This is both the draw and detriment of the whole experience. It is a standard slot and the mine related things are what you would be mining for. There is nothing to figure out and it’s all as straightforward as a pickaxe.


We think the graphics in this one are mostly average. The look to them can only be called clean, concise, and compelling, making you feel the allure of money when you look at them, and all going together pretty decently. Some people will find the look of the game trying to be an old game with modern features compelling. Other people may find it a little boring compared to other games. We personally loved what they did, and found ourselves caring about the reels, but wish they’d had a bigger art budget!


This game does little to innovate, keeping it simple and true to the trope in that it’s pretty much like most casino games on the market you’ve seen, loved, and spun to death.


+ Classic + Gameplay + Big wins + Some images are okay


- Pacing - No novelty - Graphics

Conclusion — Will Money Rain onto You with This One?

This is a great time that does little to stop players from piling on the money. If you love that sort of thing and want to be a money miner of it until you’re so rich you could gag, this slot is tailor made for you!