Monte Magic

Watch winnings pile up right before your eyes with Monte Magic slots. This single-payline, three-reel slot is easy to play and very rewarding with a top prize of 2,400 time your wager. It’s just as easy to get started as it is to win. Choose your coin value – 1o cents to $10 – and then decide if you want to wager one, two, or three coins on the single payline. Spin the reels and see what you win.

Monte Magic Symbols

With Monte Magic, every symbol is found in a magic show. Winnings depend on how many coins you’ve wagered. One coin leads to prizes of 2 to 800 coins. Two coins deliver payouts of as much as 1,600. All three is your ticket to the top payout of 2,400 coins. The magic wand offers a payout if it appears even once, but get all three and win 5 to 20 coins. Single, double, and triple stars also offer payouts that range from 5 to 80 coins. What is a magic show without a rabbit? Get three bunnies and win 80 to 160 coins.

The top hat is the most important symbol. It’s the wild card in Monte Magic slots. One hat on the payline doubles your winnings, while two quadruples your prize. If you get all three and have bet three coins, you win the jackpot prize of 2,400 coins. With a $10-coin value, you could walk away with a whopping $24,000.

Monte Magic Bonus

Unlike a typical classic slot, Monte Magic makes things more exciting with a bonus game. If the bonus symbol appears in the center reel, get ready for the bonus round. This card reveals your potential prize. Another Pick a card from the 12 cards found on the screen. Another 12 cards appear, and you’re asked to choose 3 of them. These cards also have a prize written on them. The cards flip back over, shuffle, and you’re asked to pick one. Whatever you choose is your prize.

When you want a classic slot game with a twist, you can’t do better than Monte Magic slots. The instructions are simple and the paytable is right on the screen for easy reference. Find it in your favorite casino today and see if you have what it takes to win the top prize.