Movie Magic Slots

Movie Magic Slots
For the Filmmaker in all of us, Movie Magic Slots gives us hope that if you spin enough, you’ll fund your next big thing, strike it rich, and have everyone love you, all the time, forever, thanks to this game.

Premise of this Slot

The premise of this game is making films. This is an easy one to do, as there are no shortage of great visual symbols and icons to pick from here. That makes it all the more vexing that they’ve gone out of their way to pick none, however, instead going for a small handful of movie related things and the standard suits of playing cards.

It’s a missed opportunity in genreal, which is what the slot feel bad overall the longer you spin it.

Presentation in this Slot

Graphics here are sub par. Everything is crisp, clean, colorful, and not all that great to look at. There are only 4 or so images that even have anything to do with films themselves, the rest being ripped from other slots. It’s a sad state of affairs, and makes us sad.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Slot

Gameplay here is mostly derivative. Being 5 reels and 25 pay lines, there’s not much room to innovate in that respect.

Betting here rockets from a single penny to $10. Max bets go all the way up to $250, which is what a producer would bet if they played a game.

Liked About this Slot

+ Nice Motif + Some nice graphics + Decent pay potential

Disliked About this Slot

- Theme is under used - No effort - Looks like crap - Gameplay is bland - Sucks you in like a good movie at times

Conclusion - is Movie Magic Slots Magical Enough to Play?

This is a casino game no one will truly fall in love with, but we can see many people addicted by the payouts and pace of gameplay to make it worth their investment. If you’re looking for a new game and have tried all of them, you owe it to yourself to give this slot a spin. If not, this game probably isn’t made with you in mind, and your time would be better spent creating your amateur films and striking it rich that in way. Your odds aren’t as great, and it’ll cost much more, but you can always fund your efforts with this game.