Naughty Ninjas Slots

For anyone that ever wanted more boob in their slots, and has a love of stealthy assassins, they clearly picked your brain when they made Naughty Ninjas Slots!

Premise of This Fine Slot

The premise of this game is ninja girls and their deadly boobs. It's a nice motif that is a little raunchy, but we love that. There are plenty of play it safe games out there, so anyone that doesn't enjoy it has no shortage of other options. We're okay if there are Hooter's in casino game form, this game being a wonderful rendition of it that works well enough to prove the genre will work.

Presentation in This Fine Slot

Graphics here are mostly okay. Everything is clever, clean, colorful, and compelling to look at. The girls aren't all that babe looking, but we still feel the intentions and that goes a long way for us. The cards are copied and taken from other games, but that doesn't keep the rest of it from being a good time. We're not sure why there are odd creatures here, but it does give it all a B film vibe which we love.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Fine Slot

Gameplay in the game plays it safe. Being around 5 reels and 25 pay lines, you know what to expect from that alone.

Betting here goes from a penny to the top at $10, making max bets cap off at $250, which is very high for this or any other game.

The bonus mode is called the Re-Spins Bonus Game, which is very fun and a little bit off the tried path.

Liked About This Fine Slot

+ Nice motif + Decent low budget production + Tried and true formula + Decent betting amounts

Disliked About This Fine Slot

- Why the odd creatures here? - Gameplay is not naughty - Sucks you in hard

Conclusion - Should You Lay with Naughty Ninjas Slots?

This game's Hooter's with ninjas in casino form. That's a winning combination in our view. We wouldn't have this game in any other way, and recommend anyone even remotely interested go give it a spin at this very moment. You won't regret a moment, and may walk away with enough green to hire your own naughty ninjas to do your dirty work.

Give it a try, and be sure to let us know what you think of it!