Safety Features

Any casino can state that it is totally secure and safe but the real test is to check what organizations have approved the casino and what systems are in place, making it secure and an easy place to play leaving the player free to enjoy the games, bonuses and rewards and not worry about his personal and financially information

Licenses and Registration

Every approved and secure casino needs to have a license that it valid and be registered in a country where gambling is legal. The license needs to be shown at the casino and the player should be able to access any information about the registration including the valid dates of the license and what it entails. Players should also be able to ask the customer service and support team anything about the license and it should be from a credible jurisdiction, ensuing a genuine and relevant gaming portal for the player.

Personal and Financial Data

Casinos do not need to request personal financial information from any player. The casino does need to register a player legally and formally with details of their age, and in many cases an age verification system is needed. The banking section of the casino is where the player can choose how to send funds to the casino, and he can choose from a number of different options that are offered. These may require registration outside of the casino but should not require the player to input any of his own personal information. Anything that makes the player uncomfortable is suspect and should be questions. All the top casinos use SSL, this is secure socket layer systems and it is a way of ensuring the safe transfer of funds to the casino and back to the player without any personal information being compromised. The encryption is essential for the safe transfer of funds and personal information and any casino that does not offer this should be avoided.

Random Number Generator

A random number generator, RNG, is a computer-generated number or set of numbers that have no organization to them. Casinos use random number generators in order to give the player totally random results for every game offered at the casino. Casinos that do not use random number generators are not fair and just casinos and should be avoided.

Casino Audits

Every online and mobile casino that is safe and secure offers players the opportunity to see their yearly audits that confirm the RTP. RTP is the return to player of bets placed over a period of time and for it to be judged correctly the casino needs to be audited. The audit is carried out by an outside accounting body who is not bias in anyway and the audit is open to the public to review and check at any time, proving the legitimacy of the casino and the fair payouts.

Full Customer Service and Support

Every safe and secure casino that offers full encryption should also offer around the clock customer service and support. The customer service and support are contactable online by sending emails, through toll free phone numbers and by clicking or swiping a live chat option. The support team should be well versed in every aspect of the online and mobile casino, not just the games but also the systems that are in place to ensure the safety and security of every player. When a player feels safe and secure at the casino, he is confident and able to enjoy the games even more and may spend longer at the casino and definitely spend more money. It is in the interests of every online and mobile casino to offer the best and most up to date security measures for each player with a strict protocol that is always adhered to.