Paradise Riches Slots

If you’ve ever dreamed of a nice beach filled with money and all manner of riches, you’re in good company! Paradise Riches Slots is made for people like us that appreciate the finer things in life, when money are added to them or fund them. We think we’re the best people, and if you’re like us in agreement, then you’ll hop over and give the slot a spin right this second because you know it’s true. We recommend it easily for anyone, however!


The premise of this slot is what rich gents do on the beach with beers. It is something we’ve all wanted to do before and enjoyed at one time or the next, this game taking it to another level by making it the titular motif. The big draw here is that it can pay for our alcoholic adventures!

Presentation in Across the Game

Graphics here are decently done. The background looks a fair bit like a sunset over a nice beach, which is a charming touch we can get with. Everything else is crisp, clean, and compelling to look at, with one thing standing out as bad. The playing cards are copied and pasted from other games, but everything else looks hand made and is swell.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Great Slot

The gameplay here is nothing new. Being 5 reels and 25 pay lines, you know what to expect and love it or hate it already.

The bonus mode fell off in favor of the Free Spins Bonus game, which is still largely a Free Spins Feature. We’re not at allcomplaining, and adore it.

Betting in the game goes from a single penny to $10. Max bets top off at $250, which is a big ass amount for a game like this.

Liked About This Great Slot

+ Nice motif + Makes you think of all the dough you’ll win! + Art is serviceable + Pace of the game is faster than most slots + Paid decent

Disliked About This Great Game

- Very addicted to it - Gameplay is copypasta

Conclusion - Is This Worth a Spin?

As long as you maintain your expectations quite low, this is clearly a game that will well return on your time. We know you will agree if you only jump to give it a fighting chance!