Pay Day Slots

If you live and sleep thinking about winning it big, getting your well deserved break, and retiring early: Pay Day Slots can help, and is all about just that!


The premise of this game is about what you would expect from the main title. Rather than pretend the game is a magical romp you are taking that just so happens to dish out digital dough, this one is about that fabled winning streak we are all hoping for when we buy coin after coin to make any of our spins. Playing on the desires to strike it rich and living happily ever after is a fitting idea, and comforts us in our chances of doing just that!


This is a very pretty looking slot. It does not look particularly high brow, but everything is crisp, clean, compelling, and fairly clever.

The way bars and high rolling images are used here is a nice element, being colorful and interesting enough not to feel that boring, but still familiar enough for players that there is never any doubt as to what it all is about and which things you should be aiming for.


The way this game plays is fairly to the point. Being only a three reel standard game by RTG, it is not overly complex, but still managed to have things going for it to keep it very interesting.

The main draw of the experience is matching three of the main symbols to get a whopping 2.5k times your bet! That said, everything aside from that about this is very standard, not veering that far off the usual path, for better or not.


+ Big on fun + Good ideas + Nice looks + Big wins


- Not novel - Reptitious - Seemingly similar to other slots


This is an effort with a lot of charisma that does not try too hard to make much use of the theme. It is a solid package with a fitting intention that uses limited play mechanics to make an accessible take on things that is good in short play sessions, and if it can grab hold of you, soon becomes a new addiction. It certainly is not the most mind blowing slot around here, but it does seem to have a decent chance of increasing your bank account, and for the wagers you will be putting down, is well worth your time and monetary investment. We recommend giving it a go in your down time to see how you do with it. We enjoyed our time invested here, and feel there is a healthy group of of slot goers out there that likely will agree!