Pay Dirt Slots

Pay Dirt Slots
An old West classic that pays well and plays at a rapid fire, gunslinging pace, you’re in a for a good time if you spend a single spin here, and will walk away with ample amounts of gold for your trouble!


You’ll find that Pay Dirt slot takes us back to a side of the Wild West that is often remembered but never redone. Making the comparison to panning for gold and getting all dirty in the effort, this game has motifs of hard work, striking it big, and looking a little tattered in the doing of any of that. Something about this goes really swell with what players themselves are doing in the reels as they play. It is an odd analogy for a slot based on Vegas classic’s, but it works, and it works fairly well, feeling both endearing and perfectly suited to things.


Everything here looks clean, cartoony, and has character all over the place. This makes for an enjoyable investment that would have been a fairly standard and bland if done any other way. Players find themselves looking for miners, dogs, donkeys, those bandits, mining carts, dynamite, and cute lanterns.

The clean, colorful, and crisp reel images are not high budget, but that also lends a bit to its style.


There really is not a thing about the game that hasn’t been done all over before and likely better. It is a 5 reel, around 25 play line game that could easily find its place on almost any online casino. The endearing quality of its look and the full range of what works from other slots, however, serves here to make for a great investment that is both accessible and enticing if you give it a single spin. With decent multipliers, scatters, and a great jackpot, the core point of getting money and having a pleasant go of it is achieved, even if it’s not done in a novel or mind blowing way.

The real headlining options here are the Gold Rush, that Gold Fever, and the Strike it Lucky modes. They reward players with free spins, golden loot, and gold mines. It’s all in line with the motif of the game, and it’s a wonderful thing to have present!


+ Nice motif + Graphics + Money above the top + Easy betting


- Mundane - Low budget


This all comes together as solid time based on a great motif that will tear at your heart strings and pulse a bit through its bringing together of loving reel graphics and fast mechanics that fit very decently with the entire package. There is nothing much that most players will dislike here, but at the same breath, there is not anything to wow you here, either. Still, it is a great time with a good payout chance that is well worth your invested money. We give it our enthusiastic approval, particularly if you love the West, that period of human history, or are sick of what tends to be the typical motifs in the current game market.