Dazzling Gemstones Pay Nicely in Princess Jewels

Symbols in Princess Jewels slots look just like sparkling gemstones. The symbols are incredibly realistic and definitely lead to big payouts. This five-reel bonus slot costs very little to play. Bets start at a penny and go as high as $10. The highest possible bet of $10 on all 9 paylines costs you $90 per spin.

Princess Jewels Cash Payouts

The princess is the highest paying symbol. Not only is she the wild card, but she’s also worth as much as 10,000 coins. The remaining symbols are the round gray stone worth 5 to 50. Next up is the rectangular amethyst worth as much as 75 coins. The tear drop topaz is worth 10 to 100 coins. The heart-shaped emerald is 2 to 125 coins, while the rectangular sapphire is worth as much as 150 coins. Beside the princess, the other two highest paying symbols are a round ruby valued at 3 to 200 coins and the diamond that’s worth 5 to 300.

Spin the Wheel of Gems Bonus Game

Three fairy godmothers leads to the bonus game. This game is a lot of fun. A wheel appears with three rings. You will spin one ring at a time. The amount you win depends on your bet and the gemstone the wheel lands on. Gems pay anywhere from 2x for the gray stone and amethyst, to 3x for the topaz and emerald, to 4x for the sapphire, to 5x for the ruby, and finally 10x for the diamond.

After the first spin, your wager is multiplied by the value of the first gem. For example, if your total wager is $4.50 and your first spin lands on the amethyst (2x), your prize doubles to $9. The results of the second spin are then multiplied by the amount from the first spin. Therefore, if you won the diamond on the second spin, you would multiply $9 times 10x and get $90. You still have one more spin. For this spin, if you landed the ruby, your final prize would come to the ruby’s 5x that is then multiplied by the $90 from the second spin, resulting in a total prize of $450.

Princess Jewels slots is a quick game, but when the bonus appears, your winnings quickly build up. You’ll find the bonus game is a great way to win a bundle of cash in a matter of seconds.