Ramesses Riches Slots

We love Egypt, but Ramesses Riches slot game is a hard sell. Being cheaply made and having little that stands out, it may not hold your interest. If you love jackpots, however, this game’s a doozy, and will please you there!

Premise of This Game

The premise of this game, like all the others, is the often visited Ancient Egypt. Specifically about the ancient famous king. It’s all Egypt this, Egyptian stuff that, and you would result in about the same casino this game if you changed most of it and swapped things around a little.

Presentation in This Game

Graphics in the game are at best good enough to get by. It’s well made in some senses, being clearly thought out, colorful, and compelling to spend time spinning, and the icons in particular look decently done, and the cards we usually hate—while always a lazy choice—are at least stylized just enough to make us think a little better about that decision here.

We really enjoyed the uniquely rendered eye of Ra in particular, but the King unfortunately looks like almost any elderly old crazy person. Other than this, it came together very well for what they were after.

Not sure why there are odd trees in the background, however. Even if authentically real in Egypt, it’s a little out of sorts.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Game

Gameplay here is not that much better. It’s all mostly standard at the usual 5 reels and 25 pay lines, nothing new just like those reel images we mentioned. The bonus mode was replaced with that Free Spins Feature we love, but that’s all there is there to see.

Betting here rises from a penny to $10, which is about range all other games like this do. Max bets top off around the $250 mark, higher than you’d think or need for such a cheap and low budget game.

Liked About This Game

+ Charismatically done in some instances + Theme is great + Pacing + Pay outs

Disliked About This Game

- Little effort - Some graphics are cheap - Addicting as heck - Gameplay

Conclusion - Should You Be Playing This One?

This isn’t the greatest Egyptian type game on the whole of the internet, but it’s good enough if you made it all the way to this side of the review and have the deep seeded desire to see how things play out. Which you likely should! Go and play and be more the merrier for it!