The Right Prize Slots

We aren’t usually a fan of knock off slots, but The Right Prize really does a number with the source material! Price is Right fans will rejoice at how they managed to work all that into the game itself, and it offers something for anybody with a love of money and the finer things!

Premise of The Game

The premise of this game is clearly the TV show The Price is Right. They couldn’t afford the real name, however, or saw no reason to get it, so it’s about as close as you’re going to get. It’s so obvious that it makes us laugh, and we admire the balls on the devs for being willing to so brazenly make this happen. For those unaware, this is a game show themed casino romp about guessing the price on things to win. In this case, you’re just matching the reel images, but the fun is still there.

Presentation in The Game

Graphics here are great, albeit a little weird on the expressions. Everything is crisp, clean, colorful, and vivid to look at. The green and yellow colors work well and they clearly committed to them. The background is nice too, and fits in. Despite clearly being medium budget, nothing about this game feels off, which we are thankful for.

Gameplay Mechanics in The Game

Gameplay here is largely standard. At only 5 reels and 25 pay lines, it does what it can despite that, however.

Betting here goes from a penny to $10, all the way up to $250 a spin. For reference, that’s a bit bet in a game like this!

The bonus mode is called The Right Prize Bonus mode, winning no awards for originality, but paying out well enough and often never the less.

Liked About The Game

+ Source Material + Graphics + Fun + Mechanics + Payouts

Disliked About The Game

- Gameplay - Addicting

Conclusion - Will You Love The Right Prize Slots?

This is a licensed TV Show game based on a gameshow, sans the real license itself. Much like counterfeit jewelry, this game is about as good as the real deal. You’ll feel no loss as you spin through the winnings, only wishing you had more hours in the day to rack up your coins!

If you’ve got free time and money and are looking for some more, give this game a go and let us know what you enjoyed most about it!