Rockin Robin Slots

We’re very positive people, but are having a hard time coming up with things to like about Rockin Robin slot game. It’s poorly put together, doesn’t look that great, and the payouts are average. It’s good as a parody of what a great game would be like, but that’s about it!


The premise of this game is the children’s story, which is unusual for a casino game, but works well!


Graphics in the game are really pretty bad. The logo they made is well rendered I guess, and the positive aspects of it pretty much end right there. The color are very bright and you will never be one left wondering what you are supposed to be matching, but it all looks like it was put together by someone without a lick of art experience, or in a way more intended for something like a spoof of slots.


Gameplay here does not do much better than the graphics. It’s around 5 reels and 20 paylines, making it very mundane in this respect. Bets here are kept down as well, ranging from a single penny to a grand total of $2 per coin for a payline. The multipliers here are not much better, giving out at a grand total of 2. Really, 2! It‘s like they are making fun of veterans like us in the slot space in this regard, which may be the case. Or, it’s been made a big afterthought, which is more likely what we think is going on here.

There really isn’t much going on with this game, but it does it’s best pay you more than the average, so there’s that going for it. That may be only because you’re very unlikely to win much from it, which takes that potential enjoyment factor here down a few notches.


+ So bad it’s strange + Winnings


- All else


This game is so bad that the experience makes you laugh as you endure it. It looks like it was put together by someone with no idea how to doodle, combined with mechanics that are entirely lackluster, and exists only to pay out more often than other slots. If you like games that cause you to win a whole lot, you can laugh hard as you go through and sink into this one. You might even tell your friends and family, laughing about what you are all are playing too. For everyone else, this is probably not the right thing to will hold your interest beyond a laugh or three.