Safari Slots

Safari is a game about romping around African killing most of the wildlife and winning money. What’s not to like here? Which pretty much sums up our take on the slot game. Go play it! We really enjoyed the time we put in, and recommend it to everyone.

Premise of the Game

This here is a great game that rises above all others on all fronts and is hard to fault for being about killing scary things. Did we mention that it’s technically about shooting puma in the face? If a puma had a gun and was really pissed, it would probably do the same to you. If you can get over that tid bit, or pretend Safari’s are about riding around taking a bunch of pictures of wild life as if it were a trip to the hot zoo, then this game is still for you.

Presentation in the Game

The graphics in this slot are great and decently done. Each reel image is crisp and clear to look at. The titular animals on offer look so great you might wonder if they are going to ounce right out of your screen to attack you! We are assuming that’s what a Safari animal would do to you if you were really on Safari trying to shoot at it, making it a fitting choice as an addition to this slot. The background and user interface also go well with the rest of the theme, making it all wonderful to look at as you spin and win.

Gameplay Mechanics in the Game

Gameplay in this game is very rudimentary. It’s the usual 5 reels and 20 total pay lines, like everything you’ll find elsewhere. The bonus round here is the titular Safari Bonus Mode, which wins not one single solitary award for originality on the naming convention, but is a lot of fun despite all of that.

Betting here rolls from a penny to $10. Top bets go up to $200, which is really huge.

Liked About the Game

+ Solid play style + Decent chance to win + Looks good for the most part here

Disliked About the Game

- PETA would kill it - Mechanics aren’t very good compared to the graphics - Very addictive way to spend an evening

Conclusion - Is This One Worth It?

This is a great casino romp from Africa that will have you playing it for days and admiring all the animals on offer you are pretending to exterminate. We hope no animals were hurt at all in the making of this game, and if you really feel torn up about it by the end, you can donate a portion or all of your winnings to your favorite wild life foundation so we can keep having the fun source material for more great times online. We really enjoyed the investment we spent with it, wishing that they had put in some of our favorite African animals. We are not even sure if they’re the kind of things you’d see on a safari romp, we’d still like to see them include here.

As you can tell from the review, we have little negative to say about this great game. We tried, but are coming up wanting in that regard. That’s a good sign of a really great slot online.

Have at it!