Shaaark! Slots

Bad art and time tested gameplay can be saved by high jackpots and decent betting amounts. This is a case study in that, and well worth your time if you find any of that at all appealing, or simply love Sharks!

Premise of the Game

The premise of this game is obvious. It’s about sharks! Spoilers! Didn’t mean to give it all to you up front. Sharks coming to eat you whole and bring you money, it would appear.

Presentation in the Game

Graphics here are copy and pasted from all around. Despite that, because of the source concepts, everything is crisp, clean, colorful, and compelling to see. Since most of the game is drawn from other casino offerings, and the background looks like chum, you find yourself feeling a little sorry for spending your money spinning it. It would not have taken much for the package to look better, as the artist clearly has the knowledge of what they were doing. They chose not to do this very much, making this game sink from memory the moment you look aside.

Gameplay Mechanics in the Game

Gameplay here is tried and true. Being only 5 reels and 25 pay lines, it does not do anything inventive here.

Betting here swims from a penny to $10, capping off at $250. That’s more than you’d expect given how low brow the game is.

The bonus mode was eaten and killed off like so much dead fish. It became the Free Spins mode, which we’re fine with.

Liked About the Game

+ Nice motif + Classic play styles + Decent winnings

Disliked About the Game

- Low quality imagery - Gameplay and most things are all copied and pasted from elsewhere - Gameplay is overly bland - Addicting at all times

Conclusion - The Bottom the Game

This isn’t a bad game by any measure, but does walk that fine watery area between the two extremes. Jackpots are the only saving thing and heavy hitting feature here, keeping things enjoyable and addicting in an effort of getting a good pay day. You likely will not remember this game for blowing your expectations out of the water, but given the high winnings, you may end up walking away from it filled and happy and fit to be eaten by a nice shark. Give this slot a try, and let us know whether it sinks or swims for you!